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Refinish w/ linen wrap 150.00
Refinish w/ leather wrap 220.00
Re-wrap Irish Linen 40.00
Re-wrap Leather 110.00
Clean and Press linen wrap 25.00
Re-taper shaft 30.00
Replacement shaft 120.00 to 225.00
Replacement of Ivory parts {price subject to change according to market value)
Ivory Ferrule 75.00
Ivory Joint (w/New Rings) 249.00
Ivory Butt Cap 350.00
Inlays(not including finish) 30.00
Standard Fibre or Plastic repairs
Ferrule w/tip 25.00
Ferrule threaded w/tip 35.00
add 15.00-25.00 for layered tip
Butt Cap 60.00
Joint 100.00
(does not include replacement pin)
Table Repairs:
Because of so many variables in our customer needs (type of table, type of cloth, working conditions, travel) it would be nearly impossible to state a price schedule for all the different kinds of repair work on this page. So for your needs we invite you to call us and speak to one of our expert staff and we will attend to your needs as quickly and courteously as possible and provide you with the best service for the best price in the industry today.

Thank you,
Kent Taylor

Taylor Cue Company
(405) 317-3298

The Taylor Cue: Our cues are made to order made from the finest exotic hardwoods. Our featured joint is a linen phenolic piloted 5/16-14 with the best rock maple shafts available. We do inlay in ivory, mother of pearl, fine stones such as topaz or lapis our wraps are either Irish linen (pressed and polished) or leather. Our points are constructed by a short splice method which yields razor sharp looking points and veneers and our centering process gives you very even points. We have been building cues for customers since 1988 and our cues are featured in the Third Edition Blue Book of Cues. Here are some examples of our cues and the type of work we do.

We carry quality cases by most manufacturers. Along with many accessories such as gloves, chalk holders, tip tools, key rings, bridge heads, cue extensions, instructional books and videos.
Pool is such a widely played and publicized sport so many new items come out frequently we try to keep our inventory as current as possible so if you don't see it ask for it we deal direct with many manufactures so if we don't have it we can most likely get it for you.